Welcome to ScriptShape: Your Writing Workout Routine


ScriptShape supports playwrights and their work with a variety of dramaturgical services that focus on assisting them write the play they want to write while concurrently championing the script toward being a viable, producible theatre experience.



Thank you for considering ScriptShape to assist you with the dramaturgical development of your script.

This overview provides you with our workout routine.

Our routine is based on locating and assessing your script for four central dramaturgical elements: characterization, structure, theme, and theatricality. Working from your priorities within these four elements, we read, respond in person, and then share in writing our responses to your script.

Our responses are always formed as specific observations (i.e. this is a strength because of your use of . . .) as opposed to general evaluative assessment statements (i.e. this is good.).

Our routine moves you and your script through three basic steps and lets you decide to proceed (or not) with a rewrite:

Step 1: Formal agreement/payment, scheduling, submission of your script

Step 2: Focused reading of your script based on your priorities

Step 3: 60 minute Feedback Session – (in person, conference call, Skype, etc.)

Within Step 3 of our process we provide you with detailed notes. If you wish to move through a rewrite of the script based on these notes, the process moves through the following:

  • Rewrite date set, rewrite completed, rewrite submitted
  • Our focused reading of your rewrite
  • Sharing of response – 60 minutes



We also offer additional services to further develop your script.

Steam Room: Script Structure and Character Development

We can work with you to assess plot elements and characters that can be opened, furthered, or developed

Locker Room: Historical and Reference Research

We can provide your script with a complete review for accuracy based on its setting and period.

Coach’s Office: Commission Assistance

If your script has been invited or optioned for staging at a specific theatre or production venue, we can work with you to assess and address specifics that can better assure a smooth production process.

Cross-Training Room: Medium to Medium Transition (i.e book to play, story to play)

Through our network of collaborators, we can provide you with resources and services in helping move your stage script into the genres of film, television, and/or novelization.

Weight Room: Core

We offer complete editing services: grammar, spelling, formatting, etc.

Weight Room: Cardio

If you are ready to begin submitting your script to various festivals and theatres, we can assist you in:

  •  Proper/Requested Script Formatting
  • Cover Letter content
  • Synopsis content

Our services can be done through review or by contracting us to craft and complete the formatting and/or submission process.

Aerobics Room: Production Facilitation: Reading/Full Mount

From a simple staged reading, workshop development process, or brokering a full production, our services can be commissioned to provide your script with a complete production experience.


Angela Astle and Patrick Elkins-Zeglarski are theatre practitioners with experience in acting, directing, producing, and instruction. Collaboratively or independently their work has served numerous playwrights and institutions including: The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, University of Northern Iowa, Sacramento Theatre Company, Athena Project, The Aurora Fox Theater, The Edge Theater, Flux Theatre Ensemble, and New Perspectives Theatre Company. ScriptShape brings Angela’s and Patrick’s diverse strengths together to form a singularly unique collaboration opportunity between playwright and dramaturgs.



For further information and pricing please contact Angela or Patrick here: ScriptShape (scriptshape@gmail.com).